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Career – India office

YALAMANCHILI Group, a midsized organization having interests in Application Software Product Development, Cloud Computing, Digital Transaction Processing, Payments and Cards, Manufacturing, Electronics, Skill Enhancement and Training believes in the need providing meaningful employment in their areas of expertise. We are inviting applications at all levels to be part of our family to enhance our teams by bringing the requisite knowledge, experience and expertise along with their commitment, dedication, hard work and work ethic. The primary areas of interest are Operations Management, Customer / Client Service, Call Center, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, IT Infra Structure Management, Quality Management, Procurement and logistics, Business Development, HR, Finance, Legal and Administration. The locations we are interested in are Mumbai, Nagpur, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Bangalore, Vijayawada, London, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore.

Please send your resume with photo and contact details to HR@yalamanchili.in.

Global Presence

Bhutan 2001
Botswana 2001
Brazil 2001
Cambodia 2001
Comoros 2001
Costa Rica 2001
Djibouti 2001
Fiji 2001
Ghana 2001
Hongkong 2001
India 2001
Kenya 2001
Laos 2001
Malaysia 2001
Mozambique 2001
Myanmar 2001
Nepal 2001
Netherlands 2001
Philippines 2001
Romania 2001
Samoa 2001
Singapore 2001
Sri Lanka 2001
Sweden 2001
Tanzania 2001
Thailand 2001
UAE 2001
UK 2001
USA 2001
Vietnam 2001